Anza Borrego Desert State Park

A Disturbance in the Continuum

We had gone up Oyster Shell wash to the point we could no longer drive, and made camp. 33.001653° -116.133816° Our destination was an eroded area along the shoreline. 33.009779° -116.135875°    I guess the only way to show you is to place some Google Earth Coordinates in here so all you have to do, is open Google Earth and copy/paste the coordinates into the Google Earth Search Window in the upper left hand corner.

We went on and made it to the eroded place, and it was pretty cool. We saw a goat, and the sandstone was eroded away in really cool looking holes and things. It did not take us long to get there, so we decided to take a different way back to camp. Uphill.  33.011179° -116.130822°

Well we made it to the top, but didn't want to go back down, because we had already been there and saw that, so we dropped down into the canyon, 33.010482° -116.129410° and headed down toward Fish Canyon. (At least we hoped it would come out in Fish Canyon, and not in the shear drop off of the gorge we drove up through.)

Just prior to leaving the canyon, we came across this:


No, we aren't sure what it is, but I sent a photo of it to several Universities, and the best they can do, is perhaps it is nothing more that a disturbance in the mud made at the shoreline, by who knows what, a long time ago. All I know is that it is no longer mud, and is pretty darn big. It measures approximately 20 inches across.

 When you get these into Google Earth and hit enter, zoom down a bit and you will see a collection of boulders laying near the point or turn in the wash. 


   32.997130° -116.127350°